happy weekend!

happy weekend yall!
this week/weekend i will be working. i have managed to find a few fun things to do so far. i went with the mormon missionaries to help a woman find a job. i felt really bad because they all spoke spanish and the only words i can say are hola, hermana, and ce. even then i probably 1. spelled those all wrong and 2. did not say them correctly. it was still fun going with my friends to go help a new one.
i then ate cafe rio and enjoyed a great conversation with "ustatelover". we laughed, and told funny stories to each other for over an hour. #perfect
despite all the craziness in my life(but ets be real, everyones life..) i really feel that god places certain people in your life for a reason. "ustatelover" is one of those for me. i am a pretty blessed person.
cheers to a great weekend!!


hi friends!

i am back to blogging! after a long break, and way to many adventures un documented, i decided it is time to come back.

here are a few pictures from last weekend.

my brother just moved back from russia, so our family (cousins and all) stayed in a little resort and enjoyed sharing stories with one another.


back from texas.

Hey ya'll!! I'm back from my mission! It was a great adventure in Texas. Stay tuned for some fun stories, and pictures of my life in Texas and what is about to come.


do i look like a texan yet?

{photo credit} ashley eliza photography

2 weeks until the big move ya'll. this is when you know it's good.


happy friday.

"You know how some people use photoshop like crazy and you can totally tell they have done so much its not even the same person? and then they tell you they just made their eyes more blue? yeah thats all i did was make my eyes more blue" -my brother.


music mania.

sorry for being mia.

things have been a little crazy.
-i have been laughing my butt off with my family. my brother cracks me up.
-i have been going on some adventures because i will be leaving the lovely state of utah. i am going to miss the mountains and the beautiful green.
-fishing adventures that turn into finding a tree and fort in the middle of the mountains and playing on them. stellar.
-packing. shopping. no sleep.
see, crazy. but thats ok, its a fun crazy.
wait what day of the week is it? is it really wednesday? whoa. well, happy wednesday!


stoked ya'll.

it's my last week of work here at this joint. i have been here for a year and a half and i am SO ready to peace out. praise the high heavens, i'm stoked.

pictures from the past week are coming soon :)
be excited, i have some stories too!

happy tuesday ya'll!