happy weekend!

happy weekend yall!
this week/weekend i will be working. i have managed to find a few fun things to do so far. i went with the mormon missionaries to help a woman find a job. i felt really bad because they all spoke spanish and the only words i can say are hola, hermana, and ce. even then i probably 1. spelled those all wrong and 2. did not say them correctly. it was still fun going with my friends to go help a new one.
i then ate cafe rio and enjoyed a great conversation with "ustatelover". we laughed, and told funny stories to each other for over an hour. #perfect
despite all the craziness in my life(but ets be real, everyones life..) i really feel that god places certain people in your life for a reason. "ustatelover" is one of those for me. i am a pretty blessed person.
cheers to a great weekend!!

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  1. Hope your weekend was AWESOME! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet words! Your newest follower. :)