Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, little late

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree!
Sorry this is a late post, but i left my cord for my camera in my appartment. So im now making the posts i would have done when i was home. Sorry

Making all the TREATS for Christmas Eve. Yummy. My Grandma tought us how to make fudge, and all this delicous yumminess! It was alot of fun! There was chocolate EVERYWHERE!

Ending Results
My Aunt and I on Christmas Eve

The little Princess and I

The 3 "Wisemen"... hmm.. yeah wise is an understatement. Just kidding. It was fun to see everyone dress up and be in the Nativity!
He thinks he is "Better than Edward" YEAH FREAKEN RIGHT!! NO ONE IS BETTER THAN EDWARD!! no no no. This was Christmas morning after opening all the gifts. I had to take a picture of this wonderful moment. hahaha

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