Just Call Me a Biker Chick...

This is a True Statement,
Ever since I was little, I have LOVED motorcycles. Its just a weird thing about me, so don't judge, or hate. ha.
Anyway, So last night I went up to the shop to watch my friends rebuild a bike. um, hi its freaken AWESOME! And they basically are the two COOLEST boys ever yo.
They even let me help out a bit, whoo!

This is Bubba, he is 2 legit 2 quit, thats for dang sure

So they had me put some sticky stuff on the cracks of these little guys. uh, hopefully i did it right...and that no one dies. that would be no bueno

Dear Bubba,
Your my favy fav. Can we be friends forever? ok good to go.
And when I buy a bike, I'll pay you to help me because basically your cool like that. la you long time!
Dear ScNIN(thats your Blog name),
Your basically K-ool, Can we be friends forever also?
you me and bubba, good to go. Thanks for being so awesome. You always know how to pick people up, and you listen. Thanks :)
ps. this is one of my fav pictures of you.
bike+ScNIN=one hot dude on a bike. DDANNNGG
can I get yo numba?

Their bike isnt finished yet, but its getting there! good luck boys! your awesome, and so fun!!

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  1. So all I have to do is buy a Vespa and you'll go out with me?