It was VERY eventful. But I loved every second of it.
If i could choose to relive it. I would.
(Except for one part, Keep reading and you will soon find out). 
I Went on a Date! whoo hoo! We got our tickets to Star Trek(which is freaken awesome). But we still had an hour until the movie started. So what did we do? don't worry, we just walked around Shopko, looking at movies and music. Until we stumbled across the Halloween isle, where we then had a sword fight. We looked like fools, but it was SO FUN! aw man, he's a funny guy. 
I woke up and did recruiting for my high school. This is where all the colleges in the state go to a high school and talk about their school, and all that fun jazz.
On Friday Night was the WORST DATE EVER. end of story. Can I just say how I hate immature boys. Ok, listen to this. BestFriend met this boy in her class, he asked us to double with him and his cousin. So we agreed. He asked when we would be ready and we were ready at that very moment. He said they will come get us at 7. Well long story short, he ends up getting lost and yelled at BestFriend for giving the wrong directions. Which she didn't, he just is lame and a baby and got lost himself. So BestFriend and I are waiting in the living room for the dates to come get us. They drive up to the side walk and call her to say 
"Hey we are here". 
BestFriend says "I know, we can see you".
 "Well arent you going to come out?". 
"Yeah, when you come up to the door to get us" 
*groaning* he hangs up.
I feel like this should have been our first sign that the date was not going to well.We are driving in the car, and BestFriends date didnt have his seat belt on. So we turn to get on the freeway, and he falls over onto BestFriend, basically smashing her. He is screaming Whoah Whoah Whoah. um, hi. the junior high is down the road. My date was pretty cool, kinda quite. But i think thats just because his lame cousin was complaining and talking the whole time. Seriously he complained about the chairs, money, how he didn't want to pay for chips and salsa, how his butt hurt. I'm the type of person that can put someone in their place, real fast. So after we had all had enough of his lame immaturity, he asked 
"Are we on State Street? When are we going to be on State Street?"
"Whaatt are you pooping your pants over now?" i said
"Im not pooping my pants, when are we going to be on State Street."
"Oh my*rolling of eyes*.. Soon."
After that it was 9 o'clock, and they took us home. And we were happy. I know I probably sound really mean, but I'm not mean unless someone is being dumb. Which he was. BestFriend and I are actually really good dates, and love going on dates. But not with stupid boys.(And this was only a glimpse of the date, i just didn't feel like telling all of it.) The end
Saturday morning BestFriend, her friend from cheer and I went running in the canyon. It was so much fun. we ran 2 miles in 15 minutes. go team go! After that BestFriend and i went to this boutique in Hometown. I went there just wanting to get a headband, and came back with that and a new purse(pictures on the way). Dang i suck. But they just had so many good deals. BestFriend got a new headband, a purse and cute jeans. Good job :). I then go to my lil brohas soccer game, which they won. Im driving home, when i look over my right shoulder and see who? Don't worry its just that immature pansy baby from the night before. We locked eyes, he took of his sunglasses, and I just laughed. That would happen to me. 
Later that night we had a bon fire in the canyon. OH MY IT WAS SO FUN! We just laughed and talked, and ate starbursts. PS I am kind of keeping a secret from you right now. If things "Evolve" then i'll tell you about it..
Sunday I went to my parents ward, and loved it. I always love going back and visiting. The lessons were defiantly things I needed to hear. I then went to have lunch with ma momma at her work. oh I just lover her! Anyway, this weekend was so awesome. I seriously loved it. :)

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