this week..

I have been so overwhelmed.
This whole semester has been that way actually. Im taking 18 credit hours, and it.is.stressful. I just so happened to take all the classes that has the most busy work. This semester has stretched me in ways I never knew, and grew in ways I never thought possible. I look back on these past months and think, holy crap im so glad thats over with. haha. but im just looking forward. Im working really hard to finish and graduate this semester, and then im ready to move on to my next adventure. Im really nervous, but Im just glad I will be able to be home with my family and have them around to help me every step of the way. Im torn right now in what to do next semester. I have the choice of going to a larger university up by my house and work on getting into my program. OR getting a job and working until Fall semester. I dont even know what to do. Holy cow. BUT I do know that things will work out. I do know that my Heavenly Father answers my prayers. and I do know im so grateful for all that he has provided me with. Sometimes I feel like im not normal, like things happen to me that are not happening to other people my age. Sometimes I even feel like things will never change. But that is all the part of the adventure. Its my adventure, and how grateful I am for that. Anyway, enough about that part on my life. Here is what I did this weekend...
First of all I played with my family and I loved it! I also went to my home wards relief society super saturday! It was so much fun! We made watches, these cute charms, and BOO blocks. I also did a BUTT load of homework. Which I HATE. I feel so bad because homework makes me rage for a couple hours. So my whole family has learned to stay away until im done. hahah whoops sorry familia. After that I went on a blind date. We went to Magelby's then headed over to the MASQUERADE BALL. It was actually alot of fun! And I was happy that I still fit into a prom dress that I havent worn in 3 years. haha. that was lucky! Anyway here are some of the pictures from last night.

Dont worry I wasnt wearing high heels, I was wearing Nike Kicks. Because thats just how I roll..

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  1. You guys look so cute. I hope you had fun. I find the best way to take off stress is take things one day at a time, and keep doing fun activities like you are doing. Things will work out like they are supposed to. Good luck!