Ash Att's Life as of Now

So I'm not going to lie, last week was H E double hockey sticks. Ugh I was so down. Seriously. I have not been in that kind of a funk in a while. I think things are always weird when you start a new chapter in your life. Thats what was happening, and I felt like I had to refind myself. Dear Bobbie came up on Saturday night from college town and we just sat and talked. Its nice because we both have been going through similar things, so we both understand how we feel. We both just open up about everything, and we know what has been said stays between us. I have a hard time opening up about whats going on to people. I mean for real. But I can just talk to him about anything and everything. After he left I just felt so much better. I dont know what was really said, or what really happened. But things were just better.
Yesterday I went to a student ward with Shelby and Danielle(love them long time). I realized that I need to be in a student ward. Sarcrament and all the talks and lessons were so amazing. I like my other ward, dont get me wrong. The people are awesome and its been so great to be in that ward, but... I just need to find a student ward.
Friday I had a job interview. It went really well, but it was just a place that finds people for a company then if they make the cut, they send them to the actual company. Does that make any sense? So I did well in that interview then I had another one this morning. It went really well. I also have another job interview tomorrow afternoon. Man I'm so glad things are starting to look a little bit better. At least there are opportunities opening up. So I am REALLY grateful for that.
Man, I am so blessed. Sometimes I feel like I dont deserve all that my Heavenly Father blesses me with. But how grateful I am for him, and that he hears and answers my prayers. Even though there are tough days, weeks, and or months in my life. I know that I have those so I can be grateful for the good days. I also know that there are people who have been placed in my life for a reason. And how blessed I am for their example and their friendship.
I miss my old chapter in my life with good ol College Town. But Im excited to see how this new one will turn out. Hopefully its not one of those heart wrenching, sucky ones like in the book New Moon.


  1. Glad you are enjoying the singles wards. Lets hope the blessings keep rolling.