Since it is my Birthday is 2 days I'm doing this really cool post. It's called 2+1. You know..since I will be turning twenty one, im going to name 3 things(because 2+1=3) I'm in love with as of this moment. Ok so, saying it out loud, it sounds really confusing. But it made sense in my head, so just go with it ya?

Numero uno...
 Doing some mad skill youtube quoteage. "BUT Brova, I made you a pot of kool aide. I MADE THIS FOR YOU!" OR "I was checkin my mascara in one of the fish tanks when i felt this pinch at the end of my panty pand. I pulled my comfort slacks down to my ankles and found something crawling on me it was A BLACK WIDOW SPIDER! So I flicked it on the ground, and it was a half flattened licorice jelly bean. So there is was laughing with my comfort slacks down to my ankles by the fish tanks at target.."

Mucho Numero two-o..
 The SUN was out today and shining ever so beautifully today. Serioulsy my heart of was so full of joy. Even my bosses said I had way to much energy. Well it was either that, or me going "Unts unts unts" while raising the roof in the aisleway..

El Three-o..
For such great people around me. Serioulsy I have been so blessed to have been able to come in contact with such great people. They are awesome, and I love them.

I hope with the sun being so great today, it was like walking on sunshine. Have a great day!!


  1. how'd you add that "reactions" rating thing? that's pretty cool! :)
    I love your idea for this post--I kind of want to do one now! :)
    and happy birthday!

  2. Happy (almost) Birthday!

    I know exactly the video you are speaking of...and I know about it via Shelbster, of course. Hilar!

  3. Happy birthday! You really are a gem-and I am so glad you and Shelby (and Danielle) have such fun together! Have an amazing day!

  4. We've never met, but we do follow your tweets, so it feels like we do. Happy 21st!