I Heart List

 I Heart....

1. My Family and Friends. I feel so beyond blessed.
2. Sunny Days
3. Happy music that makes me move around like a crazy
4. Eating dill pickles out of the jar {like what i am doing right now}
5. Any food with avacado. Whenever I go out, I always order a sandwhich with avacado. yumm
6. Smiles and Laughs
7. Clothes, nail polish, and purses
8. Harley Davidsons
9. Working out. You know, like the Fergie song. "I be up in the gym just working on my fitness.."
10. Vacations


  1. SHIZAM! awesome list... close to what I would put. and yeahhhh! working out! feels great! :)


  2. So I've got to ask... How the heck do you change your fonts?? Like the title of your blog posts and your side bar?!?! You've got to fill me in! Thanks!!

  3. Haha, I agree fully with number FIVE! Avocado is my lover. Fo sho! :) And that picture is gorgeous!

  4. Yay for avocado love! I always make sure there is avocado on my burgers and sandwiches.. and everyone thinks I am crazy!