In my life..

Sometimes I blog twice in one day..

I MISS College Town right now. My heart is so sad that I didnt listen when I was told to go back for spring semester...
I SEE really clearly because I just got contacts ( I didnt pass the eye exam at the dmv..ha whoops?)
I LOVE people in my life who make me happy
I LOVED this weekend. Because it was spent in College Town, and playing with such great people and HELEN
I MADE a music video today in honor of Helen (K) my old roomate
I FEEL sad right now, but I know it will pass
I THINK living with regret is not fun...
I KNOW things will get better :)


  1. I hope you feel better. I am sure that this will pass... eventually. You will make some new friends. :)


  2. just be my friend and all our worries will fade!

  3. Makay! happy 16th birthday! thanks :). Lauren i think i like that idea! see you on sunday!