WARNING: May cause stomach discomfort, but not really..

Dude...Look at that meat!!! ugh. I think I'm an unknown vegetarian because I never eat meat. And my meat I mean that comes from a pig or cow. That's beside the point..the point is that we had a bbq for the ward the other day. Bff J and I are in the activities committee, so we went to get all the food and stuff. Yeah, we shop in bulk. Aint nothin but a thang. Also speaking of bulk..that is not a double chin on my face I promise. I was making a weird face..and that is just the end product. Dont Judge.

Yes, I washed my hand twice before touching this meat. It...was really..*cough* awesome.

P.S. Arent we just all LOVING the awesome weather? It just makes our hearts full of joy when its sunny. Well, and our bellies because of all the freaking BBQ's. Yeeess!


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  2. Jordan, hey!! Sorry im so wierd about my name on the internet ha. But Im doing well, how are you?!! i freaking miss you! We should have a cheer reunion!

  3. This is awesome Ash! That is one HUGE piece of meat!

    At least you are willing to get down and dirty.. You do what needs to be done. haha. I know a certain someone who refuses to even touch raw meat, or go anywhere near it. This also happens to me a roommate of mine.. Bet you can guess which one. Yes the extremely picky one.. haha

    :) Can't wait to see you!