Spiders & A Giveaway

So I HATE spiders. It's not even hate, it's loathe. Seriously. They creep and crawl, and blah. Just like how I was on a date and one creeped it's way in my car window and ran across the dash, then into my vent. SICK SICK SICK. Or like the time I smashed the spider in my room, then about an hour later it had moved about a foot from the first kill site. THEN I wake up in the middle of the night, and long behold it had moved AGAIN towards my bed. It was out to get me. So, I smashed it 3 more times. Good news, it's dead. You see? loathe. But I will tell you something I LOVE... These freaking cute headbands! It's a giveaway by Crowley Party. To enter the giveaway now, go here. Hurry because the deadline is TONIGHT!

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