"That was a weird, weird night.."

So I keep having these weird dreams at night.
 These are the topics of the dreams I have been having lately..

Dream #1.
-I fell in love with a killer whale. Almost like Little Mermaid gone wrong..

Dream #2
-I was playing Hide & Seek with a black dragon in a grocery store.

Dream # 3
-I were riding a push scooter down a hill, and started jumping over puddles in the road. In those puddles were little gold fish, and sharks.

The only words that I can think of are "What..The..Heck."
Have you had any crazy dreams?

                                             {Image, Dreaming by Disney by James Coleman.}


  1. I have the same dream every year the night before Halloween. And of course it has to do with me running from dead people. Crazy eh?

  2. bahah! heather thats crazy. tis the season for the dead right?

  3. haha. that made me laugh... especially the first one. WEIRD. ;)


  4. Haha oh my Ash! You crack me up!! I miss you!!!

  5. haha! you are too cute girl! oh my whenever i have dreams i always analyze them online.. weird i know but its pretty funny! hope you start to have better ones :) xoxo

  6. that totally looks like a painting. is it? i love it!

  7. makay- im glad it made you laugh. ps how are you feeling?
    chan- oh my i love your face ha. i miss you!
    Ashley- thank you thank you! i should go and get them analyzed by a pro or something ha. ps you are so adorable! srsly.
    Kara lynn- yes it is a painting. i put a link to see more beautiful disney pictures at the bottom of the picture. you should check them out!

    Thanks everyone for the comments! xoxo

  8. I've been having lame dreams.. like, getting married or someone trying to kill me.

  9. kell, those aren't lame! ha. whoa, someone is trying to kill you?!! what a nightmare!