random thoughts.

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there is a part of me that feels like watching "saved by the bell."
this gash on my arm from last weeks longboarding crash kills.
today is a good day.
country dancing was so fun. 
please bless that stinky boy from last night doesn't ask for my number again next week.
"can i have your number? i promise i wont text you all the time and call you 24/7."
"im trying to twirl you around alot and make you pass out. that way i can take you to the hospital and count it as a date."
"what is your address? my friend plays guitar and he can come to your house to serenade you for me. "
yes this is all from the same boy, and yes i laughed my butt off the whole night.
80's dancing tonight is going to be stellar(wow that's alot of dancing this week)
collegetown this weekend is making my heart full of joy. I CAN NOT wait to see all my friends. 
i normally work out 6 days a week, and i have yet hit the gym this week.
spaghetti squash is yummy.
school starts in a week. yikes.
google "vintage photography" and/or "funny men in spandex". You will love.

sorry this is random, but it's just all the thoughts in my head right now.
do you ever have random thoughts like these? or am i just going crazy?


  1. Random thoughts like these are running through my head 24/7. Those pick up lines are kind of awesome.. I love it. Yay for going to college town, and um.. 6 days a week?! I seriously need to start working out again.

  2. Ok...That guy really said all of those pickup lines to you?! BAHAHAHA! What a weirdy!! I am SOOOOO excited to see you this weekend!! Can't wait!
    Love, Helen!

  3. @kell- the pick up line are funny. some people kids these days. seriously ha.
    @helen yes he REALLY said those lines to me. and he also said
    "i like to go dancing because its the only way i can touch girls without getting slapped"
    straight up.