i should be reading.

lately i have been thinking alot about how beautiful it is this month. the colors, the weather, and the new adventures.
these pictures were taken this weekend at my family reunion.
 pretty sure i ate way to much pumpkin candy corns.
but thats ok right?
so lately i have been OVERLOADED with homework.
like how i should be reading right now...but we won't go into that.
at least tomorrow is my last day of classes for the week.
then its the weekend!!
speaking of the weekend, yesterday my brother, cousin and i decided that we are going to wyoming to go camping.
my grandparents are up there now, so we are just going to go meet up with them.
kind of spur of the moment, but i think that's the best part.
have you ever done that before?
have a lovely day

1 comment:

  1. loVE LOVE LOVE your shoes.
    yay for fall.
    and yay for random trips!! have so much fun Ash.