{fill in the blank friday}

1.   I am      so exhausted from this week, but so freaking excited it the weekend! i am also singing to my co workers, and it may or may not be followed up with some stellar dance moves. they love me *insert sarcasm*
2.  I wish   i could go shopping right now. thrifting to be exact. oh and i wish i knew what i was going to wear for pictures tomorrow.

3.  I like      my life right now. i finally feel like i am who i want to be, and i'm doing what is best for my life. 

4.  I can   be a little out of control. it's always an adventure that's for sure.

5.  I hope     i can get some time to go to the gym today. that would be mucho for the day. i also hope the block dance party we are attending tonight is a hit. for reals.
6.  I think     that i am surrounded the best people in the world. people are such great examples, and it is such a privilege to be able to have such wonderful people around.

7.  I was    just laughing at my co worker who was describing her costume. " i want to be ke$ha"  she says. ha!
hope it's filled with some pumpkins, hot cocoa and fun times!
thanks Lauren for the fill in the blank!


  1. Hehe Kesha would be an interesting costume.. messy hair, gross makeup and trashy clothes!
    ANd I wish we could go thrifting together!

  2. i like life right now too!!! i am trying to not take it for granted!!