how to avoid falling in love with a jerk, and some other random things

This week i finished this book for one of my classes. i think everyone (married or single) should read it. you may laugh at the title(it's ok i did too) but i think it's an amazing book. John Van EPP is a family counselor and through his experiences, he decided to write this book. i learned a lot of things i need to look for while dating someone. but I'm not going to learn those just within a few months of dating someone. time is a HUGE factor in getting to know someone. Time is the only way you will know if someone is a jerk or a gem.
Moral of the story: i don't want to meet, date and marry all with in 3 months. bad news bears..

I'm also SO ready for halloween... dude

....and this song is full of amazingness

i think the weather change has got us all ready for a break, and a nap.
would you agree? 

happy wednesday!
ps what are you being for halloween?!
any stellar ideas?!

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