thursday thoughts.

so today i was waiting for the light to turn green when i look over and a car is pulling ON THE SIDEWALK to turn onto state street. are you kidding me? they could not have waited 2 more minutes?

i don't understand what the big deal about HP7.1(harry potter) is about?
well actually i kind of can, it IS pretty cool. and remember how i loved twilight there for a second? ok ok i understand now.

why can't i just put my laundry away right when i get it done? noooo it has to sit in the dryer for 5 days. speaking of which, i should probably go get that out. well maybe in a second...

i love getting emails from random guys titled "you married?"
         -no im not married, and i wont marry a boy who writes me on facebook asking me that.

for the past couple years i have noticed a pattern. it's like my life is a play. in that play there is this scene that keeps getting repeated, but with different actors every time. it's starting to get really annoying, and really lame. as for the rest of the play it's amazing and i love it. it's just that one scene that needs to end. how can i make it end?

 i'm one of those people who has been listening to christmas music since halloween. i asked if we could put up the tree at our house but we can't until AFTER thanksgiving. AFTER?! who does that?

i miss college town. i remember this time last year and the year before i was chillin with all the roommates. i love them. how wonderful they are, and they are very much missed in these parts of town. they are such wonderful women.

today my grandpa called and wanted to take me on a date to a football game. i love family, and i'm so thankful for them.

i love random thoughts.

what are some of your random thoughts?


  1. I loved HP7.1 :-) And we now have all of our decorations up inside and outside except for the tree. We're putting that up tomorrow! I can't wait!

  2. Love and miss you ash. I must say, the whole pulling onto the sidewalk thing, I laughed so hard!