happy christmas.

i love Christmas. it's the thing that getting me through this rough times of finals, and other things. can you believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK?! things i need to do before Christmas.
spend more time with my family and those i love
read Luke in the scriptures
  ponder more on Christ and Heavenly Father
go to the temple lights
watch home alone
watch elf-one more time
purchase zip up footie pj's
finish my knitted scarf
send out Christmas cards

Christmas is the best. 
happy holidays
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  1. Your blog is cool. Mine is drool. You shall teach me how to do it now!

  2. EDNA!!! I want zip up footy pjs too!!!! Lets buy them and have a party!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Love, HELEN!!

  3. Christmas IS the best, and I can't believe December is almost over :(