back in the day.

let's play where's waldo for a second. Only instead of waldo, lets find ash.
i shouldn't be that hard to find considering i'm the only sunburned one.
that was probably the WORST sunburn i have ever received in my life so far, and i have had my fair share of sunburns. blast you red hair and irish skin. it was fun to see these old pictures from high school. i love these girls. i am also jealous of their skin.
if you don't have fair skin, want to trade?


  1. OH my goodness! I remember this, you poor thing. Don't worry I was right by your side....ha ha literally, I was right next to you in the picture! Be glad it never happened that bad ever again.

  2. Patmos is a mission school... Its hard to explain, bc it has sooooo many levels- spiritual, physical, mental, emotional- pretty cool... here is the site...



  3. lauren- you were my favorite senior. for real, i miss you!! ps do you have skype? if so we should chat one day, i miss you!

    makay, thanks!


  4. Love this. How much fun was cheer?! I so miss it!