story time.

saturday morning i woke up in a lot of pain on the right side of my stomach. i hunched over because it hurt so bad and walked into the living room where my grandma was sitting. i had never felt this kind of pain in my life. it felt like someone was jabbing my stomach with a knife. my grandma had me lay down and started pushing on my stomach to see where it hurt. little tears started falling down my face, because the pain was so bad. she made me lift up my right leg and asked if it hurt. yes, it killed. my grandma said my appendix probably just burst, and called to tell my mom that she was taking me to the E.R. my stomach then swelled up like a balloon as i layed on the floor. she wanted to wait a couple more minutes to see if the pain was going to go away. it didn't. a thought then came to my mind about all the things i ate the night before.
one thought was..sugar free candy.
i only had a couple pieces? what the?
yeaaah, so let's just say my appendix did not burst(thank heavens) and i will never eat sugar free candy again.
oh and a couple hours later, i was fine.
ha ha.

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