the waiting game.

 {image by weheartit}
can i just tell you how much i HATE waiting. today i am waiting for my car to get fixed(yeah it had to be towed and everything) boo. then, "ok it will be 300 dollars to get fixed". 300 DOLLARS?! gah man. luckly i got an amazing phone call from my papa. i love my family.
no only am i waiting for my car, i am waiting for an important phone call. a phone call to set up an important interview, which will then make me wait for a couple weeks to find out more information on what is going on. this may not make sense, but that's ok.
long story short, i am waiting and waiting and waiting.

happy love day yesterday.


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  1. 300 bucks? yeah, no thanks. NEXT!

    i'm patient with everything except when it has something to do with my car.