awkward and awesome thursday.

- this picture was taken new years eve. i actually didnt notice i was the not married person at the party, because they are all my really good friends. it wasnt until the next day when i went to college down, and my friends pointed it out to me. "aww ash, how was it being the third wheel?" HAHA!! so this picture makes me laugh because i didnt know where to stand, so i just sat. front row joe. being awesome, around awesome people.
 - at work yesterday, one of my co workers(co worker 1) was telling me about this very attractive man she met a couple years ago. we talked about me getting set up with him, when this conversation happened.
me- "are you kidding me? look at my face right now. (i was not wearing make up).
girl next to me (co worker 2)- "it's ok ash, everyone gets zits once in a while"
me(jokingly)- "i wasn't talking about zits (co worker 2)..."
everyone in the room started busting up laughing! oh man, that was too good.
 - my best friend has a girl liking(creeping on) him right now. on facebook he said that he didnt have a voice anymore. she wrote back and asked if he was ok? i then piped in and told her "i think he needs some soup. his favorite is tomato bisque". Not even a minute later, he was calling me. first thing he said was "i HATTTTEEE you." muhahaha
 - finding out a guy the guy i just met(that i thought was adorable) has a girl friend. that's my luck.

-meeting a cute guy who shares my same kind of sarcasm and banter.
-being excited for an important letter to come soon.
-listening to kate rusby(THANKS AMY!), flogging molly, and steve earle. i think i'm on this celtic kick.
-being 22.

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  1. I am glad you like Kate Rushby...fun stuff!