we had a family get together to celebrate my grandparents, and cousin quins birthday. my nana made the awesome cake, and we all enjoyed it. we just sat around and told funny stories because thats how we role in this family. my uncle then pulled out the guitar started playing some rock songs for us. my cousin also played a couple songs that he is learning. i love my family. they are all so talented and so funny. ps, my cousins are adorable. i love gabbi and lily. when we walk in the mall they tell people they are twins. they are not twins, but they are best friends. im so glad we live close to each other so we are able to have get togethers a lot. i love them.
last week was a little discouraging, and i hate being negative. hence the crappy posts, but every one goes through that right? this week has been much better but really busy. i was actually supposed to go to arizona tomorrow for a wedding. well my ride bailed, so some college town friends planned a vegas trip and wanted me to come along. things were not working out in my favor and i couldn't go. THEN yesterday i found out a close family member passed away, so i will now be going to a funeral. wow its amazing how plans can change so fast in one week. we will see what happens.

on a happy note, my birthday is next week!!! happy st patricks day to everyone!!
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  1. i'm gonna be honest, the candles on the cake look like the ends of some hot dogs! hahaha I had to look closely to notice that they were candles!!

  2. you are so cute. and i want that cake.

  3. oh my delsih haha that looks SO GOOD. holy. smokes. :) cute blog, miss!

    Enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap!

  4. @whitley- hahaha they do look like hot dogs! they are actually basketballs. basketball candles folks. thats when you know its good.

    @mariel- thank you so much!! you are adorable!

    @kaleena- oh dear friend, you are freaking awesome. thank you. you can come have the cake!

    @candace-the cake WAS delish. my nana makes bomb cakes. thank you so much for stopping by! you are awesome!