scary story.

the other night i watched a scary movie(ask me why? i have no idea).oh yeah i remember why...it was because of a guy. dang those guys. anyway, i watched this tv series called "supernatural". basically it's about these two brothers that have to kill these evil supernatural characters that come from the scary myths. ei, scarecrow, bloody mary, vampires, blah blah blah. so anyway, i watched a couple of these episodes and got a little freaked out. i then went home to an empty house(que: dun dun dun). right when i got home, i locked the door and ran to my room and hoped right in the covers.
the next night i was downstairs in the basement playing the piano, when i heard shuffling coming from the hallway. i looked over to the hallway and i didnt see anything because the hallway was pitch black. i kept playing but only got a couple notes in when i heard it again. i jumped up out of my seat, ran up the stairs and into my room. i slammed the door and locked it. i then jumped into my covers, and "tried" to fall asleep. it took me about 20 minutes to get to sleep, and let me just tell you that i should have just stayed awake. i had the worst nightmares that night, and i was all alone. so lets just say, im glad the house is not empty anymore. now i feel like i can finally sleep.
i did get me thinking though of the other things that scare me.
for instance, that weird guy on chitty chitty bang bang. he always freaked me out.
Also, spiders. BLAH. spiders are so sick.
what is something that scares you?
or am i the only chicken around here?

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