water towers, fun at school

school is so much fun! im loving it this year. i feel like im doing so many fun things that i have never done before. last night my roomates and i, along with ween, kc, and devin climbed to the water towers. we drove in heathers baby car. there was 6 of us in a 5 man car. whoops. haha. we then climbed the water towers. it was so much fun! we just laughed and laughed the whole way up. we are heading back to the appartment in heathers car. when all the sudden this weird noise came from the front of her car. it sounded like her exhaust pipe was in the front. i know really werid. so were laughing so hard! it just sounded like one big fart(only car version). anyway, i just love school this year! my roomates are so much fun!

there is this girl allison she isnt a roomate , but she might as well be. she intruduced me to the funniest thing. its called stuart on madtv. we watch it all the time now, and just laugh and laugh. and quote it all the time. i think people think we are crazy because our conversations are quoting and so people cant catch on. hahah.

i just love this semester though. its just so nice doing what i want to do without any distraction(boys). and i dont like any boys! its just so awesome. i love it!!

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