Blind Date

so, my crazy roomate hailey decides to set me up on a blind date with her missionaries brother. i have known about it for 2 weeks or so, and was pretty excited. i always enjoy meeting new people, because by the end i could have a new friend! so anyway, you know on christmas morning when you first wake up, and all the sudden you get this shot of energy and all you can do is jump around and scream. that is how i was feeling. i just was so excited to go on a date! weird huh, but it has been a while since i had gone a date so i was very excited. So the date. we went to a haunted corn maze which totally rocked! then we went to a pizza place in salt lake. my date was SO FUNNY! he just says the most random things ever, good to go. lol so, we are all at dinner and getting ready to leave. when Skyler(my date) starting talking about this really cool park in salt lake. he said that there is this spinny thing that will make you "giggle like a little girl" which in and of itself how he said it was hilarious! we go to this park. i was imaging this big dome thing. no we all just huddled around it and laughed becuase it was not what we were expecting. he told me that it will make me laugh like a little girl. and i was like yeah whatever, its probally going to make me barf thats what its going to make me do!haha. so i sit in and they start spinning me, and it reallydid make you laugh. i couldnt breathe because i just started laughing! hailey stopped it right away because she knows that i have a bit of a problem when i laugh to hard(im sure you can figure it out) ahaha. i stood up, and fell right back down because i was so dizzy. anyway, we all ended up doing it for several times becuase it just was so funny. skyler actaully fell out of it backward, and then was trying to get up but it was almost like he had a brick shoulder becuase he could not get up. anyway then we started talking about funny dear johns. both our dates had actaully been dear johned(well sorta more like the girl just stopped writing kinda thing). it just was the best blind date! it was so fun, no pressure, none of that lovey dovey crap. just good fun! anyway, hopefully this all makes sense, but i guess you just had to be there to think its all funny. oops. hahah

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  1. How fun!! I can totally picture you giggle like a little girl on the thing! haha..oh good times with working with ya. Hope you have more stories about this boy..well...if you want to go out with him again that is. :)