stuart&i need some help!

so my friend allison and i, clearly love stuart from madtv. which means in return we quote it alot. i know i know, im crazier than pants on this, but please dont judge me. "JUDGE HER" NO! haha.

stuartfriend#1: "Actually, I do have one for you. But there aren't enough for everyone. Jen's cousin ate the one I wanted you to have, but I have another one for you."
shrew#2:"reember when they were a wonderful idea in theory.. but ended up a disaster?! hahahahahah! oh man... remember when we both almost peed our pants! and.. um... im.. sorry about.... drooling on you. you know about my mouth control problems."
random girls cousin: "those look delicous i want one! :("
shrew#2: "was this before or after we burned our mouths/i drooled on you? clearly it was before my camera broke mysteriously for all time!!! *sobbing*"
me:and "clearly none of you are homesexuals"- thanks stuart. HAHAHA"
If you have never seen the stuart episode where he clearly lets mr. muchandfuller know that he is "clearly homosexual", then i advise you to! i believe its stuart-moving day.
Anyway that was a random funny story that happened today. dont judge me, i know im crazy!!
OH sheri! and also, maybe i can get some advise on this.. what do you do parsay, if a boy kisses you after you have hung out and it really catches you of gaurd everytime. he goes to a differant school so its not like it an everyday thing but still? its kinda one of those guys where you can see yourself liking eventaully but right now.. you dont-ish? im a girl! what can you expect, we dont know what we want. ever! am i bad person? i mean we dont even hold hands, maybe im giving him signs that i want to kiss him. but then again wouldnt you get the hint if you turn your head into his chest while you hug, and turn your head when you see he is coming in for the kill? i mean come on man! i just dont know.. and the sad thing, he is a great guy. but for some odd reason, i have this bad problem of liking boys that have girlfriends. crazy i know. but i figured this out.. i go for the guys i cant have, because clearly at the moment im TERRIFIED! of commitment. and really how do i talk to the guy, what do i say. "so why do you kiss me? do you think we are dating? we go to differant school." that would just be so weird, how do i bring it up? that would be the weirdest dtr if ive ever had one. anyway, if any of you reading this can give advice. PLEASE!! haha

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