catching up-ish

Snowbird fun! i took ALL my cousins to the park. holy cow, i dont know how mothers of 12 do it! it was so fun though. my cousins are just so cute i love all of them! Shayla told Laura that Gabbi was her first "Black Cousin". we just started laughing because only a child would say that.

Halloween, what i night! i couldnt decide on the outfit to wear. so really just threw on clothes. and i cut up a shirt in the meantime. the dance was fun though! kaylen, heather and i just were are crazy selves! after the dance we went up to ride the pump jacks and they were not running, so we got a lap top and went up in the mountains to watch a "scary movie" yeah right! it was the longest boring movie ever! so then we all just ended up giggling like little children. SO FUN! i just love college!

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