TOP 10 COUNTDOWN OF 2008! (sorry im really bad at blogging im new, so pictures are kinda bad, sorry so sorry! lol)

1. Became a member into the Single "Meat Market" (and still here yay!).

2. First time helping at a Roomates Wedding! I was incharche of the Sign in book. (i got to scope out all the cute guys) dont judge me.

3. CHOPPAGE OF THE HAIRAGE!! OVER 10 INCHES!! holy talito, there was so much hair!!

4. Did Baptisms for the Dead in the Manti Temple. First time back in Four years! good to go!

5. Got to meet Senator Bennet, and we actually had a conversation. He is way tall!

6. Made the BEST FORT EVER! We slept in it for a week, oh the joy of forts. gotta love acting like a child some days. ok for me, its kind of a regular thing. dont judge.

7. Had the BEST PRANK get pulled on me! you cant Prank the Prankster!! but they did, and they won. dang...

8.LOSSAGE OF 25 POUNDAGE!! hooray! oh man, the joy. i started in June and i lost 20 by Augest. IT MADE MY HEART FULL OF JOY!! :)

9. Attending the Wedding of My Beautiful Roomate! I helped set them up! hooray for my redheadedness( i MADE her call him to come over, she wasnt going to do it. Until i threatened her.. i knew i had a good feeling about him :) )

10. Put a copper color into her hair instead of blonde! ever since 8th grade i have had blonde high lights. but that was a past time! NOW ITS THE NEW AND IMPROVED! HAHA yet again, dont judge me! lol

This year has been the most Trialing year of my life! but then, its been the greatest!! Woo Hoo for 2008! :), oh and this year i started blogging! hooray! (but i still need HELP! )
OH! AND 11. I GOT INTO READING TWILIGHT! HOOORAY! I FINALLY CAN SAY I HAVE FINISHED A BOOK! YAY!! now this, this makes my heart way full of joy. probally because ever time i think of my lovely Edward.. *sigh*.

Hopefully you all had a great 2008! and i hope you enjoyed my COUNTDOWN OF 2008!

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