What I'm really happy about today

I finally finished Yesterday and I loved it! It only took
me and day and a half to read.. Now on to
Mom: You cant let this book consume your life, you need to get out!

Me: Oh Modre, im just bored would you much rather have me watching TV?

Mom: Well, No...

End of Discussion. haha

2. Eclipse!

I started it last night, im excited!!

4. :)


Now you see why i have a smile, he is gorgeous!

And i feel I'm a bit obsessed right now, but I cant help it! I'm a teenage girl, RAGING HORMONES REMEMBER!! hahaha Dont judge me

5. Thats all I had for today, but stay tuned for some more adventures of mine over the Christmas break. Happy Holidays.

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  1. So you are team edward still??? please say yes.