oh no, im becoming one of those obbessive "i love edward" girls. When it came alot of girls went crazy over him, and i just told them they are crazier than pants. its not a big deal. so it was not
till last night that i went to see it. it was the late show, and i thought i'll probally fall alseep. oh no! that was not the case. i was drawn to edward. its just how he is, and then later in the movie i was like holy cow you are gorgeous! words can not explain. i think im addicted to twilight and i will be reading new moon over the break. im just in love! TEAM EDWARD ROCKS!


  1. Have you read all the books? I loved them, but haven't gone to see the movie yet.

  2. no i started reading the first one, but then i got to busy to finish it. i want to read new moon,and im getting the book on tape also. i have heard alot of people that love it, but then i have heard people who dont like it at all. so i guess you will just have to see it. i loved loved loved it though