My first "MY CHOICE DATE" :)

Ok, so other than high school and asking boys on dates, i never have done it before. There was a boy that i go to school with that lives a couple towns away from home. He's way nice and over the semester, we have been pretty good friends(who knows with boys though, they are confusing ha). So i was going to ask him in person(becuase i hate when i get asked on dates over text). So i texted him, "Hey, I have a question to ask you". he wrote back" well then ask away." i told him, no way man it needs to be in person. he told me that his mind was racing on what it was going to be. he asked for a hint and all i said was "SURPRISE!"
Turns out he was already home, so i resorted to calling him. I was shaking so bad. dont know why, hmm weird. Well obviously he said yes because of pictures below. The date was alot of fun! We went to the SKYBOX. it has about a bajillion TV's that only play sports. sounds like my kinda place! The next plan was going to be to find a parking spot and go to temple square. hmm, NOT! there were so many people, and so much traffic that Betty(the navigation system) was raging. so, we had to figure it out ourselves. yes im sure you can figure out how this turned out. most the date was in the car, and there were six of us in a five man car. we had a couple cops just stare at us, but we got lucky and did not get pulled over. thank heavens! We found a spot and went to Temple Square. there was a child, that made all of us LAUGH SO HARD. he was running around screaming like a crazy, and his voice was dying becuase he was going horse. i turned to everyone and said, that looks like it could be one of my children. OH NO! and he was asain, and i have an asain name. good to go! so in a jiffy, the date was awesome. i felt like it went by so fast though sad moment. but it was fun! YAY i survived my first, "my choice date".

Yay for Justin being on a mission! thumbs up dude!
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