Im Becoming a Mormon Nun!

I'm Resulting in becoming a Mormon Nun
Its true. Nuns dont have to worry about Men. isnt it sad how much they really control your life? hmm. interesting thought. As headstrong, and independant i am.. im just so sick of things not going my way. is that a sin? oops, and im becoming a nun? dang i need to work on that..


  1. ashree don't be a nun. life sucks i know, but 'come what may and love it'... 'learn to laugh'! you'll be happy soon enough! there is light at the end of the tunnel i promise!

  2. kaylen! i just love you. thanks so much! there is lights in my appartment right now named kaylen, heatha beatha, hailey, cam and allison. good to go. :) along with the gospel. i actually was laughing the whole time i put my face in hole. haha