My Birthday Next Month???!! where has the time gone?!


Holy Talito, where has the time gone?

i do not even know. but i was thinking today, im going to be freaken 20 years old. yikes!!

im becoming an old fart. dang.. and i have a grandma back.

what is this world coming too??!!
My family says everything changes when your 20. i saw "Cheah right! it will be the same. always"


  1. 20 Sucks! You are nothing at 20...not a teenager and not an "adult" yet. Have fun during your young years. Soon you'll really be an old fart. Just like me :)

  2. i know! but at least it will be better than saying 19. i feel like people when you say your 19 they think "oh yup fresh out of high school.. immature." haw man. lol. hey you are not an old fart, no way man!