3 days home, 2 blind dates, and a partrage in a pair tree

  • Went a great blind date with Great Guy #1. We went to Brick Oven, and then an comedy sports improv show. HILARIOUS!
  • good conversation, lots of laughing, no awkward moments between us. Good To Go!
  • Worked on my brothers Eagle project FOREVER!! I started at 11 am. and i didn't finish until about 4 30pm. and thanks to my ocd..it still was not how i wanted. but it works.
  • Got ready for Blind Date number 2. this was a random blind date, but hey! any chance to meet new people i'll take it! So im getting ready for this date, and i start curling my hair. and it looked fine, but once again my ocd kicked in. Then you know when you hair gets played around with to much, that it just stops working. YEAH thats what mine did. So it went up in a messy bun with a few curls in the front. Good to Go.
  • Smirsten, Mac, and Great Guy #2 came over. They met Carrot top number 1, and Carrot top 2. Mac was teaching CT2 chop sticks. We had a bit to spair because the other couple was running late. so we got to talk and laugh, kinda break the ice. Then DONT WORRY. so Carrot top 1 starts telling a story about CT2. and i was like
"What the! who are you?! what happened to YOUR VOICE?!".. he says "Its my retainer". "No its not!"..
"I have a cold" he says.
"Whatever! who invaded your body?!"..
then classic moment, he says "Mom says im going through a growth spurt" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THATS ALL I COULD DO! i just saw CT1 about 3 weeks ago! and now his voice so low. weird.. oh how wierd.
  • So we go to Cafe AWESOME rio. we went to go bowling but didnt work out it was to busy. So we went back to one of the boys house to watch a movie. Yeah totally sat on the couch. He come and sits about a whole person space away from me. then through out the movie we kept scooting towards eachother. it was kinda like we both wanted to but no one made a move kinda thing. or maybe he didnt? anyway.. no cuddling.. WHATTHE! hahaha. i just laugh.
  • So both dates rocked! i was just happy that i could go on dates with good guys. I'm so sick of dumb boys. So it just was an awesome weekend
  • Went to Church
  • Ate dinner. And we all were stressed out from working on everything for my brothers eagle. We were expecting over 70 people to be there, and we just were stressed i guess. i dont know anyway. At dinner we had CT2 singing, CT1 humming, having mom, dad, Indian brother, and myself asking to pass food. so all the sudden i couldnt take it. my temper was shot(its the red hair). i said "ok, no more humming, singing, and no one can say anything unless it is something nice.". well that got eveyone quiet. so it was a quiet meal, and then everything was fine. :)
  • My brothers Eagle went well. both sides of the family was there, it was so great to see them! i love my family so much. and i love being with them. it just was good. i was so proud of my brother for getting his Eagle. He is such a good kid! 16 years old and is a genius. he is so motivated, and knows how to get things done. he deffinatly is an example to me.
  • After i went and played some fun games with the group from Saturday night. it was so much fun! we played SIGNS, and FLIRK till 11 30pm! it was so much fun. they are really fun people to be around. YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS :)
So that was my weekend. I got to go on 2 awesome dates, be with my wonderful family, and just be at home. i LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!

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