Rockin out.. I need a glass a water..

Yes. i know what your thinking.. "WHAT THE CRAZY?" i know i know.. you dont have to tell me twice. So last night "Intern" and I went up north for some recruiting. It was AWESOME. There were colleges/universities all over the state that came up to this event. basically it was held by the church's unemployment office. We had the chance to talk with some great people. i met an elderly sister missionary(she works with the church who put this event on) who has served 8 missions! holy cow! how cool is that!
Anyway we met with alot of younger high school students who want to go to college. it went well, and i was way excited. being the freaken crazy person i am, whenever i see people standing around, lookin all confused and such i think to myself what a perfect chance to talk to them. good to go. then i think to myself(because i think i think alot. haha) is that what those crazy people in the malls that are selling a whole bunch of hooliganish stuff do to me? maybe i should not look confused when i go shopping.
So after this event "Intern" bought Michael Jacksons top hits cd. We rocked out the whole way home.. as pictured below

Yes, "Intern" is doing the famous Air Guitar. ahahah, while driving... dont worry my heart only stopped for a secondOk, so with this picture, there is a weird shadow on my tongue so it looks like there is something funky going on. but no my tounge is just hangin there. being its crazy tongue self. and then "Intern" is singing BEAT IT! JUST BEAT IT!

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