i have started Breaking Dawn, and my heart is full of joy

Yes i have started this wonderful book/series. I just started yesterday and i am LOVING it! i cant wait to find out what happens! THIS IS SO EXCITING!

So, other than that, my life is BUSY BUSY. more this week. i am working two jobs, and somehow they have clashed. so i go to one job to the next, doing homework. blah blah. and i have to find time to write my talk for this Sunday. yikes! im nervous. So i feel like it will take me a BAJILLION years to finish this book. but i'll finish it. oh! and i need to find a Valentines Day outfit. yikes! its my very first Valentines Date ever. i have never been on a date on Valentines Day. so im kinda excited.. ok i'm alot of excited! yay go Team Cool! lol.


  1. no not yet!! i still have about.. oh.. 700 pages left!! yikes! but it is awesome. they just got married