weekend full of awesomeness..

So on Friday, I went to the post box and recieved this! Thanks Erica. it was all of this awesome stuff in a package!! oh my heart was filled with joy. And this is what she said.. "All the things you need to play kissy face". I was appalled. but laughed really hard... Ok on to the next event of the weekend

SURPRISE!!!! Happy Birthday to my dear friend! she is an ambassador with me. Her birthday is always on Valentines day, and she hates it. so we did it a week early. And i captured all the wonderful moments here!

The group, minus Me, and Becky. And yes, that is baby spice, and sporty spice is in the wee back. you can see your eye ball. hahah

oh my, random picture!! hahah


Oh, Sheri. Yes the dog is licking off pizza sauce. ew

NEVER ENDING BIRTHDAY CANDLES! holy cow, i want those. they were the coolest things ever!
Just a couple of the friends!
So other than that awesome fun party. I didnt really do alot. but homework. actually maybe attempted. No no.. i did get alot done. But still. I HATE HOMEWORK! ew i hate it so so so bad. But gotta do it right? Anyway, life is great. I LOVE school. its the best, and i love all the wonderful people around. Thanks for all you do! :)

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