Valentines Day Tutorial-How To (Start)Making a Card 101

How To Make A Valentines Day Card 101
1. Get your pen, and carpaltunnel wrists ready! This will be an Adventurous night!

2. There is not a picture for this, but think of ideas you may want! I googled some, and used some ideas from other bloggers. Thanks!

3. Start doodling, blah blah blah. And as you are doodling remember how you forgot all your scrapbook stuff at your parents house. Dang.

4. Get the paper you would like. Yes I know im not using red or pink.. but hmm I like to do things differantly. Do not judge me! Oh and dont worry, mess up once cutting the paper

5. Get Your paper the right size you would like! Finally!
6. You will have to wait for the finished product. I know I just went against the rules, but I think he reads my blog sometimes so I don't want to chance ruining the surprise!! I will pick this up later!! haha

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