Yes, Creepers Flock To Me, I LOVE It Part 2

Ok, sorrry. So going off of the first blog, i didnt get to finish due to my class. Anyway so here is creeper number 2. Now im sitting in the office, being a Facebook Junkie. And i notice i had recieved an email. So i look, and this is what it reads..

"hey how are ya? i am good myself. i requested your friend add there. you dont know me, i am friends with (THE COOLEST PERSON EVER). i met her a couple of years ago when she was a cheerleader at (UNIVERSITY). i just thought i would tell ya that just incase you were wondering why a 37 year old guy was requesting your friend add there. just ask (THE COOLEST PERSON EVER), i am not a weirdo or anything like that alright. (SHE) is awesome, i mean, i am 37 years old, i am not active in the church, i am trying to break my drinking and smoking habbits. even though i do that (THE COOLEST PERSON EVER) is still cool with me. well, have a good day there."

Uh... what do you say to that? am I a horrible person if I just ignored him? uht oh.. and dont worry. I asked (THE COOLEST PERSON EVER) if she knew him, and what did she say. He is nice, and old, but a Creeper.

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