What a week full of AWESOMENESS!

Check out this dog! i about died laughing! some peoples kids these days. This was at the St. Patricks Day Parade in P-town!

ahhh yeah!! all i can say is HARLEYS HARLEY HARLEYS! i was in love when 15 of them pulled up!

Blowing out my birthday candles!!
yes i did order cheeseball with my cake
the flamin flamer! i put copper in with my red hair, and i like it :)
Hello cute african purse around my shoulder..remember how i love thee..oh yes.. i love thee.
Well, this week rocked. monday Kirst and I made these funny as pants music videos. So i showed up to her house in this.."sweater"(pictures on the way). and she just said.."Ash..cute sweater". "Thanks kirst, im glad you like it". "yeah its..cute Ash". but then i couldnt keep a straight face, i started laughing.
Tuesday-AKA THE BEST DAY EVER! My nana and mom took me to lunch at Pizza Factory, along with a couple hours of shopping. oh how i needed it! :) Then we went up to watch my little broha play soccer. he did so well! Then we went to dinner and had cake and icecream. it was awesome :)
Wednesday- got my hair done! LOVED IT!
Thursday- Date with an old friend.. funny thing is..we DID NOT like eachother before his mission. but it just happened we went on a date. it was funny though! we went to Outback, then bowling!
Friday- Blind date. It was alot of fun! he was a very nice guy!
Saturday- had to WORST EXPERIENCE running ever. (its to really funny! but kinda graphic) but if you want to know.. just ask :). my little cousin had her birthday party. so that was fun to be with all the family :) later some friends and i went to Goodwood, then watched a movie. good to go.
Spring Break rocked. i dont want it to be over.. but good things must come to an end? i dont know..never mind they dont. but spring break has too. i CANT WAIT FOR SUMMER! oh but good news. im buying TWILIGHT the movie for a birthday present to myself :).

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