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So, I havent posted in a while i feel like. oops? well here is the thing, i forgot my camera cord connection dilly dad at my house up north. so no pictures for 2 weeks. gah!. but anyway, life is awesome. there are so many things in the world that are stressing me out right now,but then i really am so blessed when i think about it!

What is Stressing me out:(not in any particular order)
  • Money
  • My major, i just cant decide!
  • where im going to work for the summer. With the economy i not only have to compete with high school hooligans, but all the college students who move home, and along with all the parents who lost their jobs, need a job also. oh no!
  • passing my classes, i have to pass math, and i really need a 3.5.
  • where im going to go to school next
  • weight
  • boys(thats on the back burner though, but i still comes up with the stress sometimes. dont judge me)

    These are major things in my life that are stressing me out so bad its making me physically sick. i just need to take a chill pill i know. but these are big choices that affect my life. But then it brings me back to the talk "Finding Joy in the Journey" by Thomas S. Monson. He is the best. and i know that the choices i make daily affect the future. i know things are going to work out, i know it but im one that everything has to planned out. And right now nothing is planned out other than my closet. so i stress. So anyway enough with the bad, i want to write down everything wonderful in my life/i like about myself.(i think every girl has to do this because girls are hard on themselves..or maybe just me? i dont know haha.
  • Im grateful i have a job RIGHT NOW, that i like. I work with handicap people. and they are so wonerful. i feel like im learning so much that i can apply in my life. And i love that they love me for me. they dont care if im not wearing make up, or if my clothes dont match. they always want hugs, and they make me feel so awesome.
  • this is a hard one, but im grateful i have maintained my weight. im still working on being a healthier person, and for once i feel comfortable in my own skin.
  • for people around me. i really feel that people are put in our lives for a reason. and for my family, they are the best.
  • for Faceblogging(hahaha!) so i can keep in contact with people who are freaken awesome!
  • For the gospel. it really is "good news!" i love it! And my testimony.
  • For the trials that are placed in my life, i really grow so much from them, even though at the time i want to punch something. but after i realize how awesome that experience was, and i love it.
Anyway, im done rambling/venting. If you choose to read it great! it was a nice venting session for me. i like writing things down sometimes rather than saying them out loud. weird. hahaha. Life is great. Enjoy the journey you are in, and i know im not the best person to be saying this but really! Hope everything is going well! Thanks for reading!!

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