weekend full of foolishness

So basically, this weekend was full of NOTHINGNESS. so boring. i just worked my little baby bum bum off, but saturday i got off at four. which resulting in A. reading Breaking Dawn for a couple hours. B.facebooking/blogging. C. taking these pictures full of foolishness because i was bored. all my roomates were on dates or at the institute date dance. so i was all by my lonesome. yes! hahah. so i found this picture of my little broha, and laughed uncontrollably. i took foolish pictures of my self, and then started dancing in my room. who the HECK dances in their room! i do not even know. so i thought i would film a baby bit, and let you in on all the fun i had. good to go
yes this is a picture of myself. do not judge me, i already know.
So i like this picture because of how dark my hair looks. weird i know, but thats all. okbye
My dancing full of awesomeness

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