Coolest April 18 Tutorial

Hello Hello!! This might just be the best tutorial ever!

1. Get A Fun Group. good to go
This is the group for the Evening! 2 redheads+2 blondes= a whole bunch of AWESOMENESS!

2. Eat Dinner At The Park, Then Swing on Swings and Take OUTOFCONTROL Pictures.

3. Go Rock Climbing! Or Hang on the rocks like Monkeys..either way

I FINALLY DID IT P.S. i had the worst hot flashes.of.my.life. but i made it i just didnt look down. And i might have just saw my life flash before my eyes. but i think those orbs were saving me

4. Stunt WHILE Rock Climbing.. or fake it. I mean.. for real

5. Have your twins date CHOKE your date. I MEAN.(cough) DONT choke my date.
6. Have the coolest RedHeads in TTOOWWN yo!

7. Make Sure some 5 year old girl doesnt pass you up and go Higher than you. You will get told you are a loser by her sister. True Story
This little girl was Flyin! and i was on the blue ones next to her. Im basically scared of heights so i got not even a 1/4 way up when i wanted to come down. Her sister was at the bottom and said. "That little girl is younger than you are and she is going higher than you are."
"Yes i understand that. thank you for pointing that out"
....Brat. i didnt say that

8. Get Slurpees, by them with silver change. Then Continue on to blow BUBBLES out of the Easter Bunny, and his Carrot

9. Be.OUT.OF.CONROL. (As seen from previous pictures). The End


  1. It really was so much fun! hahah i was laughing the whole night! ;) hows finals going for yoU?

  2. Okay!! So I just noticed that you were a follower of my blog...and I didn't know that you had your own cute little blog! Love it! Looks like you are having a bunch of fun times. Yeah, I am excited to be able to keep up with you.