Its finals weeks, yikes. ok. correction. "Finals" week in next week. but Professors have this bad habit of having EVERYTHING due this week. so you have to finish projects, papers, speeches, tests. THEN next week you have more test. so what do you do? finish all your junk i just listed, or study for the final? oh man. sorry that was my venting session for a second and half. But life is wonderful but so busy. let me just make this little check list and show how much is going on in my life..right now. buckle your seatbelts folks.
-math take home test
-dance test(we had to make up our own dance)
-go to the end of the year dance rehearsal
-meet with the tutor
-meet with group for presentation next week
-go to work
-study for Work out class test(weird huh?)
-study for all finals which are all on one day! yikes! it just happened that way :(
-write 3 page paper
-go to work
-pack up my room
OH man! anyway. That is my life this week. just this week!!! as in today is wednesday, and this is due friday!. ok so its not that bad. i actually have alot done. and i didnt really procrastinate. but its just finishing up all the end stuff. and all that lame stuff. its probally better than most. but i just wanted to vent for a second? ok.thnks
So thats this week. but last week was an adventure!! here are some pictures :)

re-enacting the Notebook scene. except me. dang it
Being SO SCARED, and..K-Lyn.. doing what she does best. oops? lol

At the Bowling Ally for school :) free night!
Um, ps. LIFE is AWESOME! i love it. its so stressful and i dont know what im doing with it. But its an adventure :) good to go!

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  1. Darling I totally know how ya feel! Hang in there!!!