Where I have been....

Dear Blog

I have missed thee. and I am writing right now and filling your life full of joy. is that alright with you? Well my dearest here is why i havent wrote in a while, so stop poopin yo pants.
1. I have been in Freaken Moab, where the sun and I fought. Because he doesnt like my skin..and he won. dang it.

2. I ran my very first 5k on Saturday! that is 3.2(ish) miles. My time= 30.10. thank you legs for not giving out on me, i always knew my thunder thighs would come in handy. OH AND BIG NEWS!! KIRST AND I ARE RUNNING A 5K IN DISNEYLAND!!! OH MY GOSH I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!(it goes all the way through the park!)

3. Kirst had a fun birthday party! oh i just love her, im glad we are best friends! yes!!

Dear Matt,
Why are you always trying to eat me? is it because i taste of strawberry short cake? or is it out of pure hatred?
Dear Kirst,
You are my best friend, and i love thee.
the end. and ps. maybe stop looking like "David after the Dentist" on youtube. it freaks me out.
yes, i secretly am a hobbit. dont judge

Dear Boys,
Maybe if you were nice to these girls then maybe we wouldnt be giving the stink eyes.
just say-in.
and p.s. not all of you are jerks. only the ones that cheat and are liars. and the ones who think they are better. lame.
p.s. Life so SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! oh wait i was so sad for a second. i said goodbye to the women of 311 and the fun world of spice. we all departed and cried. then laughed. but i will miss these girls so much. they are just the best :)

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  1. Shut up a 5k through Disneyland?!? That's freaking awesome!!!