2 Legit 2 Quit

Photo Shoot!!
So basically, Kirst and I pretty much cool, and decided to go take fun pictures in the canyon! dont judge us we know we're 2 legit. good to go.

So its only been a week of summer, and it is so much fun! Swimming, movies in the canyon, hiking, softball, porchin(you put couches on the porch and just hang out ha), shopping, NEW singles ward, dancing. oh so funny story! so it was Kirst's Birthday last week, and we went to Texas Roadhouse. awesome place to eat! but anyway, we get in the car, and kirst says
"Ash i think..i...have to go".and ran out of the car back into the restraunt. So i wait for a couple of minutes then head into the bathroom aka sick. I walk in and a worker was scurring out the door. and kirst says "well there goes my whole meal down the drain". We think the worker thought she was balimic haha. So anway, we get in the car and start driving toward the freeway. We then get stopped at the light that enters onto the freeway when kirst says..
"oh Ash, im not feelin to good."
"You wanna switch?"
"yeah but where?"
"uhhh,,... right now, get outta the car!"
so right when we get in the car and put our seatbelts on..GREEN goes the light and off we go. it was an adventure for sure. To bad though kirst was sick on her birthday. that is NO FUN! i felt so bad, sad moment. So basically all is well here, hope everything is well with you :)
Keep posted for more ADVENTURES!

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