Dear Women of 311 aka Spice World

Dear Women of 311,
How i miss you guys slash i loved playing this week, and being reunited! YES!You guys were the best roomates ever, and im so glad we had so much fun this past year. How grateful I am for all of you! love you ladies!
(left to right:Scary Spice, "Fresh" Spice, Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice, Posh Spice, and Baby Spice)
Self Explanatory...
P.S. These 3 fools, always tell me to smile then they make crazy faces..this is not the first this has happened.
Dear Fresh Spice,
Remember how i freaken love you! it may not seem like it, but i really do. I always got a good laugh out of you. and remember how we would laugh for hours at Stuart, and quote it everyday of our lives? "Boxes...and Boxes..and Boxes of.."
"Little boys who talk dirty grow up to be.. Democrats"
Oh little Sporty Spice,
Remember how you loved our gift we gave you(ps. isnt it so cute!! good job on the pick Scary, and Baby), and hope you wear it everyday of your life. jk, not everyday. Also, your freaken getting married aka we get to have another Women of 311 Reunion at your wedding!!? YES! la you long time!

So Sporty is getting married, and it was her Bridal Shower the other day. It was so much fun seeing everyone, and getting all together again. We played games, and just laughed so hard. Sporty's mother is HILAR! and we were dying laughing the whole time.

La you long time girls!!

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  1. I love you too. You're too sweet. It was so fun seeing everyone.