I lost my camera cord, now it is found.Tutorial

Herro HERROO! So if you ever loose your camera cord, usb, yada yada cord.. this is what you do. you look for months to find it, then find it at your grandparents house. RANDOM, but *singing* FABULOUS! anyway..
1. Take a random picture on your birthday of your new sunglasses, and flaming red hair. works everytime!
2. Then decide its time for a change, so put 2 huge chunks of blonde in your hair slash baby blonde streaks all over.good to go

4. Get a Family Portrait. just say-in. 3 out of the 6 of us are redheads. WHOOT WHOOT!

5. Get your hayda(hater) blocka's aka sunglasses hyjacked and then take a random photo at the Oqour Mountain Temple Open House. good to go
5. Have a ROCKIN 5TH OF JULY. Yes people. 5th of July, with lots of fireworks, and raging neighbors
(no i did not put those sparklers there on purpose or maybe i did, dont judge me)
6. Have your camera hyjacked by Posh, and Baby Spice. yes they are kissing. dont judge them..actually. judge them. la them long time!
7. Take a picture of the BULLET BIKE YOU RODE ON! yisa misa!!! LOVED IT!

8. COUNTDOWN! 55 DAYS TILL CALI-FORN-I-A! AND..133 DAYS TILL NEW MOON!! um, ask me if im excited..YES IM EXCITED!! Summer rocks, life rocks.. awesome
the end

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  1. #5-Cory Hill on the left used to be one of my roommates! And Katie Sparrow was in my ward too! Woot.

    MY countdown for California...1 1/2 days. :)